Vapor Genie Vs. Magic Flight Launch Box

The Vapor Genie:

Benefits compared to the Magic Flight Launch Box

-It’s considerably cheaper, the vapor genie is only $55 while the MFLB is $100 dollars.

-Denser Vapor can be achieved through higher temperatures with the vapor genie.

-You don’t have to deal with charging batteries. And buying lighters is extremely convenient.

Drawbacks compared to the MFLB

-Flame based vaporizers are not as predictable as battery based vaporizers.

-The vapor genie requires more technique and has a longer learning curve.

-If you’re new to the genie you can have burning issues, this is especially annoying while teaching friends.

-The flame is visually obnoxious and isn’t very stealth.

The Magic Flight Launch Box:

Benefits compared to the Vapor Genie

-The magic flight is more stealth. (Smaller, less smell, no light from lighter, slightly faster.)

-Magic flight launch box has better flavor than the genie.

-It has far less of a learning curve than the vapor genie. (It is much more difficult to burn in comparison.)

-The Magic Flight Launch Box is not effected by wind.

Drawbacks compared to the Vapor Genie

-Considerably more expensive than the Vapor Genie.

-Batteries can be a hassle.

Read More about the Magic Flight Launch Box.

Which One is Recommended?

I personally own both of these vaporizers. I bought the vapor genie before the magic flight launch box was released. These two vaporizers are a toss up. Disregarding price, I’d say the magic flight is a better vaporizer. But considering it is almost twice as expensive it may not be worth it depending on what you value in vaporizer: consider the following.

If you are:

-Not very concerned about being stealth

-Don’t want to pay an extra $45 dollars

-Don’t mind a little extra hassle while teaching others

-Have a hard time charging batteries

Then the Vapor Genie is a Good Choice.

If you are:

-Concerned about being stealth (and would like a vaporizer that is faster, smells less, and is smaller)

-Appreciate a simpler and a generally more effective vaporizer

-Would like to use a vaporizer that is easier to use

-Want a free grinder from vapor world

Then the Magic Flight Launch Box is a Good Choice.

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