Vapor Genie Review

Welcome to my site! I made this Vapor Genie Review site because I did a lot of research before buying the VaporGenie, and since then I’ve explained the pro’s and con’s of the vaporizer to many of my friends. So I figured it would be helpful to create a site about the Genie in a easy to read, easy to find format. Feel free to contact me with any questions, I’ll answer them the best I can!

The Vapor Genie

The VaporGenie is vaporizer pipe that uses a household lighter as a heat source. It is extremely portable and one of the best-value vaporizers on the market. In exchange for the cheap price, you’ll need to learn some extra technique, but once you get it down, this vaporizer is portable favorite.

VaporGenie Pros

-Great Price and value. $55

-The Vapor Genie has a quick heat up time, around 10 seconds.

-This vaporizer’s heat is flame based. It can be used anywhere a lighter can.

-The VaporGenie is small and portable vaporizer.

-The vape’s design keeps the herb from falling out. So it can be thrown in a pocket!

-The VaporGenie has “Lifetime Guarantee” from the manufacture. They will also mail extra screens and mouthpieces for free, for life.

-The VaporGenie has a great design. Their are many different styles of the vapor genie; including different stains of wood, solid colors, metal and even a glass vapor genie!

VaporGenie Cons

-Using fire as a heat source isn’t preferred.

-The VaporGenie is heated by flame, which causes the temperature to be harder control and increases the chances of burning your herb.

-It has a longer learning curve.

-Burning is part of the learning process.

-Taste and quality of vapor is sub-par compared to high end vaporizers.

-Not good for groups because of the learning curve and size of the herb chamber.

-Wind causes the flame on many lighters to go out. So just like with a regular pipe, a wind shield is needed from time to time. This can be especially frustrating with the genie because you need to use the flame for the entire duration of the hit.

Where Should I buy?

If you’re planning on purchasing the classic vapor genie then anywhere you buy it you’ll get the same product at the same price; $55 dollars with free shipping. If you want the $55 dollar standard vaporgenie, I recommend buying from Vape World because they give you a free grinder. But if you are interested in buying the premier versions the vapor genie like the glass or metal version, you’ll have to go straight to the manufacture. Wherever you purchase your vapor genie pipe, you’ll still have the lifetime guarantee, free screens, and mouthpieces from the manufacture.

Free Bonus Package at Vape World!

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